Estates, Trusts and Probate Law

Our lawyers are focused to assist clients with complex needs and represent clients in any kind or arrangement with regard to estate issues in Germany, such as estate planning, settlements, probate administration proceedings, contestation of wills, legal portion litigation, tax planning and trusts. Moreover, the firm is offering, through its subsidiaries in the jurisdictions of Austria and Liechtenstein, most effective and state of the art Asset Protection techniques, such as trusteeships & private foundations in an international context. We strive to provide you with a customized plan to fit our client’s individual needs.

Our client’s Family Offices, Asset Managements and Banks directly liaise with us. Our firm’s legal knowledge and international set-up brings diversity in our client’s Estate management. Due to our international set-up in the jurisdictions of Liechtenstein and Austria, our lawyers consider every situation independently and with new frontier techniques.

Moreover, over the last years we are also the first choice in the Art World or other kind of potential property belonging to the estate and we also focus on asset tracking and ownership disputes. We also assist with the control of the probate curator’s activities. For more information, please contact us.